April 16, 2021

Memorial News and Time Line


This Memorial is to honor all that served in the Vietnam War and dedicated to those who died there. In November 2017, There will be 65 names of the service members, from the seven counties of the Brazos Valley, who died in Vietnam and inscribed on the monument. These service members are on the Wall in Washington DC.

Honoring First Eleven of the Names On the Brazos Valley Vietnam Veterans Memorial on 29 May 2016



Added Two Names to Brazos County 25 May 2015





Vietnam Veterans Honored by Congress"



For those who missed the News Broadcast on KBTX Ch3 Sunday Night 9 November 2014, Go to KBTX Channel 3 Web Page for Video:
Bryan Eagle News Article Posted 10 November 2014 about the Memorial Dedication:


Over 700 People attended this Dedication!


For More News about this Memorial

Bryan Eagle News Article Posted 22 October 2014 about the Memorial Installation

We at Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 937 would like to thank those who helped get this Memorial Completed, again for their support of the memorial to those from the Brazos Valley who lost their lives in Vietnam.